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* How to connect with your angels and guides. * How to protect you from negative people or energies.* How to ground yourself and stay grounded.* How to feel your energy field.* How easy it is to meditate.* How to make a vision board.* How to work wit

Spiritual Seekers

Practical Tarot is an in-depth series of classes in Tarot reading that focus each week on a different card of the Major Arcana. The classes are designed to help you get the most out of a pack of Tarot cards, with an emphasis on learning how the Tarot

Practical Tarot Members

The Psychic Way is a sacred space to develop your natural psychic and healing gifts, and to help create a new way of life that incorporates your higher consciousness. As we become more aware of our inner strengths and gifts, it is important to have s

Intuitive Friends

Here you don't have to start off saying "This may sound crazy.." - Trust me, nowadays, nothing sounds crazy. Are you having experiences you can't explain, or just feel more "on" nowadays?  Picking up on others energy, or just feel like a butterfly in

Psychicly Minded

"To all of the sensitive people out there, this is for you. The healers, the empaths, the psychics, the artists. The people that have felt this world is too harsh, and you just can't go on anymore. The ones that get told to just get over it when some

conscious minded people

Have you ever thought about a long lost friend from years before only to have them send you a Facebook friend request the next day? How about when the phone rings? Do you just know who is on the line well before you even pick up to answer? What about


“This is a group for anyone interested in anything related to metaphysics , psychic reading; Spiritual Awakening",  medium ship, channelling


This is a group for all individuals seeking to learn about, and help each other develop, their abilities, and find friendship among others with like minds.  We plan to meet about once a week and discuss various topics. We wish to  share one another's


This is a group for anyone interested in exploring, developing and strengthening their intuitive abilities in a safe and supportive environment. All skills levels are welcome. I started this group to create a supportive community for those wishing to


This is a group for anyone interested in learning and sharing. All skills levels are welcome. This group was started to share what we know and to learn from others. We supply a group of support.


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October 27, 2014

We welcome all interested in bringing healing to the world through the interests of metaphysics and Spiriuality. All paths are welcomed. Join to connect with like minded people.

October 26, 2014

Focused on discussion on tangible results of using psychic phenomena through audio carriers

experimental reseachers
October 20, 2014

This is a group for anyone in psychic-spiritual who have developed or interested in developing their psychic powers to be a readers whether clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairvesent. Utilizing their mediumistic talent to serve humanity. Its from the pr

Intuitive Mediums
October 15, 2014

Few life experiences are as empowering and brilliant as women helping other women. This meetup is a gathering of enlightened, intelligent women who want to learn how to use their own intuition and abilities to improve their lives. We will grow togeth

October 14, 2014

Let's get together and chat about our Spiritual Journeys and crazy stuff like Ancient Aliens! Bring an open heart and an open mind. One day we may talk about The Law of Attraction and Manifesting, but on another day we may just be discussing Atlantis

October 8, 2014

he North America Psychic (NAPD) group is a Professional organization created to provide a voice for those who no longer have one or unable to be heard. We assist in providing clues and information to family, law enforcement and communities locally an

October 3, 2014

Mystic Kathryn & Reverend Sister Stacey are wanting to boost energy and psychic consciousness through this limited time meetup. While many more fun meetups are yet to come - this is the first in series and a can't miss for anyone wanting to fine tune

Conscious Connectors
September 29, 2014

WELCOME to Spiritual Evolution & Awareness, where through our own experiences and journeys we will offer support and guidance to one another. We, as spiritual beings, having a human experience, are transitioning.  In the last several years we have ex

Spiritual Beings
September 25, 2014

All of us have a sixth sense. This can be developed and harnessed to create a greater sense of self, connection with our own soul and a deeper sense of peace. We can learn to read the energy of those around us in a loving and healing spirit. Learn to

Trainee psychic/mediums
September 24, 2014

This is a group for anyone interested in meditation, enhancing their own psychic/mediumship abilities and with an interest in the metaphysical . All skill & experience levels are welcome. We started this group to let other people know that there

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